What better time to have your own website than


Hi, I'm Harry. Or Harold. Or Truebug. Or HaroldTelevision. This is a website I made.

Making stuff is good, writing stuff is good. Sharing stuff is good. I'm doing them all here.

"Washing Dishes"?

Cleaning up after a meal is one of the few times I actually let my mind wander, where my hands are occupied and my brain isn't. It's a feeling I need to capture and utilise more often than I do.

It's a metaphor for, you see.

Anyway, I think that creating things is fundamentally good, I think putting in specific effort to make something that wasnt there before is important. And I never fucking DO it. So now I'm making a space where I can share writing, poetry, games or my thoughts on the latest entry in Zelda Club.

And, most importantly, do that all without having a sea of metrics to crush me under their immense pressure.