There we all are

there we all are

there's a lot more of us than youd expect

taking up a lot of space, standing about even apart from each other

until slowly

we start to wheel towards one another

pulled together by the tiny variations in ourselves

two collide and start to form a well

another two somewhere else

and again

until an absent observer on a nearby absent hill sees the clusters start to form

a few of us get caught on the edges

pulled equally from each side

eventually falling in

or remaining utterly still, the forces boiling away inside them

orbits starts to form around the larger structures

interlopers pass in wide arcs

or are spat from one formation to another

a disharmonic roil on the ground is seen as an odyssey from above

choreographed and elaborate and inevitable

and it's true

we've done this a thousand times

and it always looks like this

nov 17th 2021