I've played... most? Zelda games and beaten only a handful of them and I figured it'd be an interesting project to play through them all over an extended timeframe. Mostly as an academic exercise, to see how the series developed and changed over the years, to see how the formula changed (or didn't) and to see what ideas stuck.

It wasn't until I'd started the project that I realised that it was heavily inspired by the Just King Things podcast, which I spent most of summer 2022 listening to, and takes the same approach with the books of Steven King.


The "main line" games are any Zelda games in this list, discounting the multiplayer-focused Four Swords and Triforce Heroes which are either impossible to play solo, or they just kinda suck solo. There's a chance I play them if the opportunity strikes and 2 or 3 other people want to join me but these are mostly gimmick experiences for the purpose of this project.

But Harry, isn't a brief, experimental shift to multiplayer an important evolutionary avenue to explore in a full retrospective like this? Well, yes but they'd be a real pain in the ass to play so.

Can I join in?

Absolutely! There's a dedicated discussion channel in my discord just for this! There's no commitment to play all/any of the games, and you can play however you want! All remakes/releases are valid, as are speedruns and challenge runs! Anyway you wanna play is chill, all I ask is that you share any thoughts you have, if you have 'em. You can find a link to a list of the games, their dates and additional emulation resources at the top of this page.